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We, here at Lifted Innovations, fully indulge ourselves in a 3D life we have created around us. We take everyday as an oppurtinuty to achieve great things, so we never take time for granted. Everyone wants to see the future before they're no longer here to see it... we're here to print it and put it right into your hands. Don't blink
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Contact Us For 3D Modeling

Although we're always working on our own designs, no idea should go unprinted due to lack of equipment or expertise. If you need something modeled hit us up and we can figure out the logistics!

Forward Thinking

We enjoy aiding the progression of the 3D printing industry as much as we can, so if you need something printed, let us know! Or you can visit us at our 3D hubs page here My 3D Hub  

Problem Solvers

Having problems printing your file? Don't worry, we can help! Send us an email and let us know whats happening and we can plan a course of action to make it all work out!

Customer Support

Contact us anytime, anywhere, we enjoy feedback and are more than willing to help you in any ways we can!

Our Story,

Lifted Innovations

We started 3D printing water pipes and other various smokers’ accessories during the summer of 2014. We are constantly thinking of and creating new designs on the reg. To all you artisan smokers out there looking for the next best thing, keep your eyes peeled for never before seen signature pieces. Don't blink, and stay tuned cause we're taking this concept to the moon.
  • 3D Printing Expertise 100%
  • Graphic Designing 80%
  • 3D Modeling & Development 100%
  • Engravings 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%